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Deploying Sub folders for VS Unit Tests

My unit test project uses a app.config file that has external source references to other config files located in my “configuration” folder.  My configuration folder is a sub folder of the unit test project.  When the unit test runs, I need to deploy this folder to the TestResults/Out folder so the app.config can be properly loaded during test execution.


Here’s the easiest way to accomplish deploying folders to the TestResults folder:


  1. Right click on the .testrunconfig file in your solution explorer.  For me, its LocalTestRun.testrunconfig.
  2. Select Open With and select XML editor
  3. Add a deployment item, specifying the relative path as the file name and an outputdirectory value of the directory name.  In my example, I want to deploy everything in the configuration directory to a folder called configuration in the testrun folder, so I’ve added the following entry:

DeploymentItem filename="Services\Identity\Claim\ClaimService.Test\configuration\" outputDirectory="configuration\" />

Now when my tests execution, Visual Studio copies over all my configuration file entries and is able to load the app.config file successfully.

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