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PDC 09 : Day 2



HOLY SMOKES!!  Now this is why I came to PDC!  Announced today:  Silverlight 4 Beta.  Printing?  Yep.  Access to Local File System?  Yep.  Want to share your assemblies between SL and native .NET assemblies?  No Problem.  Want access to the clipboard?  COM Interop?  Web Cam & Micrphone?  Done and Done.


SketchFlow.. Wha!?!?!  OMG thats a cool prototyping tool.

Sharepoint 2010 is looking like a tour de force.  The ease of development, integration and deployment.  Debugging and sandbox support.  Solutions can be deployed and tested on client OS machines.  Client toolkits uses REST or a Client SDK make it all so attractive.  NICE JOB SHAREPOINT.. NICE JOB.


oh yeah.. and then there was this:  Microsoft gives free laptop to PDC 2009 attendees.  Some days its great to be a GEEK.


On to Windows Identity Foundation overview. 

Windows Identity Foundation Overview:

Covered the basics of WIF:  Stand up an STS (custom or ADFS), configure your application (RP) to be defended by the tokens issued from your new STS.  Configure the claims to fetch, etc.  WIF Wizards take care of the client configuration, and the WIF http modules will map the incoming token to an Identity, Principal,  and a set of claims.  Optionally you can control authorization logic based on the incoming claims either directly in code or by establishing policy articulated in the RP’s configuration file.  WIF supports Active, Passive and Delegated (ACTAS) scenarios.

Nothing new in this session for me, but I still found the validation to be worth while.

Windows Workflow (Overview and Host Deep Dive)

WF (pronounced dub-eff) 4.0 looks like a great improvement over the 3.0 version.  The product looks highly extensible and powerful, but the overview session was anything but.  Presented by Matt Winkler (Mr. WF) presented a 200 level talk to a bunch of people who were asking “What is Workflow?”.  I have some WF 3x experience, and found it difficult to grasp how the pieces fit together.


The follow up session was the “under the hood” of the workflow host, which was surprising interesting and insightful. 

The WF presenters needed a session on “How to build, deploy and debug WF 4.0”.  It would have provided attendees with the skills needed to get going with WF.  For a product line still searching for its user base, I think the WF team missed a great opportunity.

Ask The Experts

Pick a topic,  move to the roundtable filled with experts, and dialog with your peers and gurus.  I sat at the WF table for a while, then moved over to C#. Met two members of the C# dev team.  One, DJ Park, was great to talk with, the other (who shall remain nameless) was an arrogant douchebag.  Tomorrow I’m excited to check out the IntelliTrace stuff in VS2010, but now its time to party down, Geek Style.



Wall-to-wall geeks having fun the geek way; there was class video games, air hockey tables, pool tables,  on thz,line sessions of Gears of War, and gaggles of geeks competing in a “Puzzle contest”.  Yeah thats right, they were competing over puzzles.  I enjoyed the video games, pool tables, virtual roller coaster, and free chair massages (I really enjoyed that last one).  Plenty of food and drink, and I’m sure somewhere they were hosting a D&D game, but I can’t confirm that.

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