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If you are still writing code using .Net 2.0, why? WCF rocks! I don't usually get excited about development technologies but this one I do! WCF really does save time and large amounts of connectivity code and makes a big difference in SOA projects, this I discovered awhile ago when WCF was code-named Indigo.

From a SOA perspective, the most important reason to use .Net 3.5 is the ability to use WF and WCF together. Before hand it wasn't really possible so an upgrade to Visual Studio 2008 is well worth it.

As you can imagine that securing WCF is extremely important and it's good to know that the security guide for WCF by Microsoft is a gem, the checklists and best practice at a glance are handy but the point is that they help secure parts easily and quickly.

I would go as far to say that it is required reading for .Net Developers and Architects using WCF.

Please note, It is in BETA so it is subject to change. However the one thing I would change is the website where it is hosted as the performance is pretty poor.

The guide can be found here.

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