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Given all the social networking stuff people are going into information overload.

 I myself get 150 to 300 emails a day just at work.  Combine those numbers with one personal email account(s) and you can guess where I'm going.

 So HOW OFTEN should you check your emails.  I've thanks to work have had to do self improvement and time management training over the years. There are several thoughts and you have to combine the various "METHODS" out there.

 TO give you an idea here is the foundation for my current email schedule.

 The 24-Hour Method

 Other people argue that rather than check your emails starting later in the day, you should just check them once per day, in the morning. Among the members of this camp is productivity expert Elizabeth Grace Saunders. She generally clears out her inbox during the first 1-2 hours of her day, and formulates her game plan for the rest of the day after that. After that, she doesn’t generally look at her email again for the rest of the day, allowing her to focus completely on business development and client projects.


This is harder, of course, if you are at the bottom of the food chain at your company. But if you are in upper management or you are self-employed, setting this routine can be a great way to boost your productivity.

 When in Doubt, Check the Chart

 Scott Scheper checks his email twice a day, and has created a handy flow chart for helping you to blow through all the unread messages in your inbox.  This is one of my favorites take note.....

 Every time you open a new email, ask yourself 3 basic questions:

  1. Is this relevant?
  2. Can I solve this?
  3. Will it take less than 2 minutes of my time to deal with this?

 By following his handy flow chart, you’ll develop a new way to bust through your inbox more efficiently.

 What am I doing?  Since I'm a virtual Employee (Meaning I work at home)

 Personal.... I check in the mornings.  Later if I get a chance or am expecting something.  Other times on the smartphone if I'm in a car going somewhere and NOT driving.  That isn't very often. I get Twitter, Facebook, News and Text Messages that take up the rest of the personal email gap.  Hence my oldest boy send a text that says "Check your email I just sent you something" quite often.

 Work.... IN the Morning, Mid-Morning, Lunchtime, Twice in Afternoon, After Dinner and even later sometimes.  My company is GLOBAL and I have contacts in at least EIGHT different time zones.

 Add to this we have a corporate Instant Messaging System that PINGS and I have that one from morning till the End Of Day (EOD) before dinner time my time or after the last meeting of the day.

 Somewhere in that time especially these days I've several projects that require me to be HANDS ON and FACE DOWN in SOFTWARE CODE.  It's what pays the bills.

 What does that mean? 

 If you are family...  PING ME (via text) or Facebook it.  That causes my phone to PING getting my attention even if I'm in a meeting. 

 Puzzling thought...  The oldest son gets annoyed that I have my phone's sound on.  Yet says I need to check my phone and email more.  :-)  As are other family members on a different schedule than I am.

 Feel free to comment....  I'm sure we all ore of different views.

 The Ron


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