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After the keynote sessions and lunch the first set of breakout sessions kicked off. Needless to say with the session line up it was difficult to choose only one to attend. However I thought it would be wise to at least see what is new and get an overview of the platform.

I got to the session a bit late, but I don't think that I missed much. Arpan Shah was the speaker and it was a packed house. One of the largest rooms I have seen so far. Easily over 300 people in attendance. Here is what I caught.

Tagging and Rating

You now have rating functionality built in to SharePoint. You have to turn it on in the settings, but now if you have content that your organization rates highly it will be able to be displayed as such. Also tagging is a new kind of keyword metadata capture. You have the ability to tag content in a multiple keyword fashion that will allow the content to be searched and even routed by the tags. This is some very cool functionality.

Multi-Select List Items

Now you have the ability to affect more than one item with an operation. What I mean by that is say you want to check out a few documents and take them with you on the road to edit them in transit. You now have the ability to select multiple items in all lists and use the Ribbon to perform actions such as checkout. Remember the ribbon is contextual so depending on the content you select it will modify the selections you have for the group.


Okay to be perfectly honest I think I am going to have to get out there and really learn AJAX. I have been avoiding it forever, but now you will find that SharePoint utilizes AJAX just about everywhere. The dialog messages, page refreshes, content updates, everything is smooth and flicker free.


Your MySite will have more relevant tabs. Not just the standard ones that were previously provisioned, but ones that really seem to fit the "Profile" model.

Tag Cloud. There is a new webpart that is a Tag Cloud that you have that will give you the same functionality as the ones you see on everyone's blogs. It is kind of neat.

You have the ability to see important content to you. Like documents that you authored, your current content, etc. (not much of a change from the old site, but some differences).

My Network gives you the ability to see your hierarchy in the organization, but now you also have the ability to more manually add people to your network. My guess (since I didn't see much of the feature) is that it would be similar to the "Facebook-ish" setup.

Better blogs!



This is probably one of the best features that are coming in the next version. I am a big fan of RESTful web services because of the simplicity of the interface that can be used. Now SharePoint allows access to its data via the RESTful web services. The demonstration that was done was where an excel spreadsheet was published with Excel services that contained a graph. The presenter created a blog and was adding some content to the blog post, then quickly added a image tag and referenced the chart through the RESTful API.

The point to this is that now you have the ability to get to your data not only by a link, but now you actually have the ability to reference the data through the API with ease.

Content Organizer

The Content Organizer is another very neat feature. Now to tell you the truth I haven't run in to any of my customers that needed this functionality, but that doesn't mean that it isn't useful. The CO is a routing table very similar to the record routing table you find in the Records Management site. However there is a difference. You have to turn the feature on for the site specifically. Then once it is on, it creates a "Drop off Library" that will follow rules that you create to route documents that are uploaded. The rules are easy to create. They are basically just list items (go figure) that you specify how to identify documents that need to be routed. Some of the attributes you have the ability to route on are Content Type, Managed Keywords, Document Type, etc.

Better Cross Browser Support

This is another really key feature for SharePoint. It now is starting to adhere to more common standards. Some of the standards that were thrown around today that it supports are WCAG, XHTML, JSON, and CMIS. Not that they all have to do with cross browser support, but to get better cross browser functionality they had to start supporting the current standards. So you should see a very good browser experience for most PC based browsers. They didn't make any promises for Mac based browsers.    

Webparts in the Page Content Area

One thing that was interesting is that when Arpan was creating his above mentioned blog post he was able to put a streaming video webpart in the page content section of the blog publishing page. Now this I feel is significant. Mainly because I always get the question "Can we mix page layout content areas and web part zones", while the answer is yes in 2007 it isn't what the client is asking. They are asking if they can put web part zones in the content areas to give them the ability to place webparts in the content. I think content creators will like this. However it does kind of break the idea of having constant layouts.

Streaming Videos in SharePoint

Yep, you read that right. SharePoint will have the ability to support streaming video. You will also have some really decent control over the look ahead and bit throttling features that it can require, but from what I saw today it was as simple as a webpart that referenced the video and it was rocking.

Another interesting part to this is that when Arpan was selecting his video SharePoint support for previewing the video before he selected it was great. He was able to start, watch, and confirm that it was the video he wanted before he had to confirm it for addition the page.

Better support for Digital Asset Management

SharePoint 2007 really doesn't do this very well. Not that you can't force it to be an Asset Management tool. It is just that the customers that I have worked with it never really seemed to fit as a good Digital Asset solution. This has been greatly improved.

This wasn't very granular in any of the newer features, but it should give you a good list of things to start looking for in the beta when it comes out. Now of course this really didn't mention any type of development-centric content, but that is still to come. There are a lot of sessions dedicated to the new development tools and synergies between SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio (never thought I would ever say that).

Hope this helps and I will be posting more as I have time.


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Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?
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Okay - I can get on board with this. The updates all sound pretty good, but I'm most anxious to check out the RESTful Web API.

Seems so simple - but it took till 2010 to get it. ;-)
Left by Scott on Oct 26, 2009 3:50 PM

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I agree. It seems like Microsoft definitely wanted to have a better standards story. With this new release that will be accomplished.

Left by Michael Van Cleave on Oct 26, 2009 3:57 PM

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I think that Microsoft has a good strategy to release updates little by little...well, that's how marketing is done...but i think it has been left out by the other large companies who release updates almost every month... but the good thing is microsoft has been very efficient in the past and i think this software will prove to be really effective for people on the go...
Left by boiler database on Apr 07, 2010 6:55 AM

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I completely agree with you!
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Thanks a bunch. Ran across this excellent post when I was googling for these links. Cheers

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I have been reading up on this topic and this is one of the more informative articles. Do you have other information I can refer to?
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I can't believe how long you have been blogging here. Great job from cover girl coupons
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