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It is interesting to hear about a new competitors in the space of lightweight operating system for browsing internet. By the hype created by the media, most of the people in the world already heard about Google Crome OS. But many people don’t know about the other competitors in the same space.

Many people might not know about the Microsoft project called “Gazelle”. Like Chrome OS, which is built on top of Linux, Gazelle isn’t really a new operating system. Rather it is a layer that extends the browser’s security model down into the operating system level. Key to system is the idea of a “principal”, which in this case is the triple of protocol, domain-name, and port. Each combination is isolated from any other combination at the process level. Read this to know more about Gazelle.

In the similar why, HyperSpace is another browsing environment. This was created by phoenix technologies, who’s bios is preinstalled in many Pcs. Read this article to know more.

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