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Highlighting a Managed Application

As you search (Google is better, because Bing lacks BANG!!) for existing solutions for SharePoint Central Admin tasks You are usually instructed to highlight one app or another, or one web app or another. Nobody tells you how to achieve this task, but on occasion you scratch your head in puzzlement. You click on the app and some window opens, but you actually wanted the ribbon. Scratch your head no longer! Here is what needs to be done.

Just click on the line under the “type” column. Clicking under name sometimes gets you to the ribbon and sometimes gets yoy to the management of the app. Clicking in the type column always gets you to the ribbon. BTW, once in the active ribbon, click manage if you want to manage the app.

The example below shows how I did it with the “Business Data Connectivity” app.

PS – the same applies almost everywhere in SharePoint 2010, not just Central Admin.


That’s All Folks!

Posted on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 6:16 PM | Back to top

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