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What does Out-Of-Box really mean?

We do not expect an administrator to be a developer, but the reverse is not true. It is taken for granted that the developer must be a competent admin.

Any sensible person will tell you that s/he prefers an OOB solution. Development is a course of last resort. It behooves us to know where OOB ends and where development starts.

I offer two definitions:

  • It is OOB when There is no need to deploy server code
  • It is OOB when the user does not need to do any coding at all

There is an in-between status, where users may use a CEWP or a CQWP and enter JScript and CAML code. This requires user coding, but no server side deployment.

My personal feeling is that the in-between requires coding and thus belongs in the development side.

What do you think? 

That’s all folks?!


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