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Commerce Server 2009 was the single biggest upgrade to the Microsoft e-commerce platform in nearly 10 years. A large proportion of the changes are the introduction of a single API covering the multiple business logic implementations required within an e-Commerce site. In former releases business concepts such as inventory, catalogue, order management, user profiling, and marketing had each been separated into their own domain logic and thus each had a unique API which made it difficult for new developers to adopt the concepts. As I mentioned in previous posts the new API unifies the previous implementations into single interface known as Multi-Channel Commerce Foundation.

These changes have been technically documented on MSDN; however there is currently a lack of community based documentation available on the Internet to support new developers, and existing Commerce Server developer migrating across to the new-style platform. Having spent a lot of time on the MSDN forums in the past months it also seems to be clear that a big misconception is the new API has been tailored towards implementation exclusively onto a SharePoint CMS website. Although the marketing does indicate SharePoint is the best platform in which to deploy a Commerce Server site (and being a SharePoint developer I do agree that there is a good case), it is not however the only solution. There is a multi-channel foundation SDK which demonstrates basic examples using web forms, however unlike previous releases there is not a full sample solution deployed on ASP.NET.

So not to discount the non-SharePoint developers from understanding the benefits of using Commerce Server, and the simplicity and flexibility of the new API, I have set up an Open-Source ASP.NET based sample site on CodePlex. Over the next few days I will gradually be uploading the solution which is directly ported across from the Commerce Server 2009 starter site designed for SharePoint. The solution itself will be developing primarily using ASP.NET web-forms with an MVP design pattern implantation, and secondly will also be implanted into an ASP.NET MVC solution too.

The URL for the CodePlex site so if you are keen to see a sample solution using Commerce Server 2009 and ASP.NET feel free to download the source code, or alternately if you wait a couple of days you should have an out-of-the-box solution to deploy directly onto your server. This blog, and the wiki on the CodePlex (until I get around to building my personal web-site) will also serve as a source of community orientated tutorials and documentation area to help people get up and running faster when using Commerce Server.

So if you are new to the platform, or want to get a heads up on how to get up and running please check out the CodePlex solution, or if you have particular questions or have comments and suggestions, please feel free to get in touch via my blog.

NB: In a previous post I talked about a tutorial series on implanting a Commerce Server solution. This has been delayed slightly by me moving house, and Australian ISP's taking several weeks to organise an internet connection. I will try and get these posts online ASAP.




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# re: Developing with Commerce Server 2009 and ASP.NET
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Hi Lewis,
I am eagerly waiting for the site.Can you please let me know the tentative dates for its release?

Left by Rishi Girdhar on Oct 22, 2009 4:07 PM

# re: Developing with Commerce Server 2009 and ASP.NET
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Checked out your code... looks great! I am really keen on seeing how you implement the rest of the site using MVP. Any chance you can upload the code soon? Thankx dude.. u rock
Left by @bcool on Feb 17, 2010 8:35 AM

# re: Developing with Commerce Server 2009 and ASP.NET
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Hi Lewis,

is the site complete, if its not would like to know the release dates.

Left by Sushil on Oct 09, 2010 11:48 PM

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