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Code refactoring is a very important concept to learn when dealing with Object Oriented design patterns.  Luckily, Visual Studio 2005 gives us the ability to refactor code quite easily with just a simple highlight and right-click.  More information about code refactoring can be found here:
Anyhow, we need an easy way to find duplicate code worth refactoring.  RedHill Consulting created the Simian tool to detect duplicate code easily.  With this tool, it can scan any type of file, whether it be C++, VB.NET, C#, etc to look for duplicate lines.  This can be very important for not only code refactoring, but also if there was an error with a code snippet, you have a way to find it easily.
Howard van Rooijen has a post on how to leverage Simian to integrate with Visual Studio .NET which is worth checking out here:
Also, there is a tool called MonkeyWrangler, also created by Howard van Rooijen which then makes the output from Simian be clickable so that you can navigate easily to the duplicate code.  The post can be found here:
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