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July 2012 Entries

So far we have covered some basic principals, a simple database schema to store pass-jobs. Next step is to go about actually tie all this together and generate some passes. I’m being careful to avoid talking specifics of how Apple Passbook works as this is still subject to NDA. However I can point out that I have worked out all principals using pass generators in the public domain, i.e Using these websites you can download sample boarding passes, tickets and ......

So now that we’ve established we are going to-do a glorified mail merge to build up our individual passes. The next step is to construct a database that is going to drive the entire process. I’ve built my data structure in SQL Server, and I thought I would walk you through the tables I’ve built and show you how we’ll use them in the full solution. Our initial aim, is just to produce the passes so I’m going to concentrate on that aspect. In future posts we will look at how we send updates to passes ......

So before we talked about the potential of building a server to issue and maintain Passbook passes. The design goal to being able to issue boarding passes, concert tickets, etc. to iOS devices. The starting point is to build a template pass that we can substitute (mail merge style), the values that we need for our pass. i.e to change the attendee name on each visitor pass we issue. A passbook pass is essentially a ZIP achieve file digitally signed. The content of the pass is maintained with a fairly ......

Top tip, this just saved my life in OSX Terminal run - tail -f /var/log/system.log This let me debug what was going on with a faulty Passbook pass (well faulty since iOS 6 beta 3) Pic

So Apple releases the Autumn/Fall iOS 6. Included feature PassBook looks fantastic. The ability to store all those loyalty cards, coupons, tickets and travel documents in a unified interface looks compelling. Being of Microsoft grounding (c#) and latterly Objective C, I figured it would make an interesting project to start building a server component to issue and maintain PassBook tickets. My design goal. Serve a large population, i.e festival goers ticket/airline boarding passes with iOS installed ......