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For those of you who have been following me on . I’m having problems with the server that’s been running my blog (placed on-top of my fridge) for the past couple of years. I’ve got a dead disk controller, which is falling into the two difficult category to fix (new motherboard and disks), it looks like. Maybe its time, to take my blog into the cloud? I’ll ask the good folks at GWB, to see if they will let me redirect traffic from over to them. What do ......


I wish I could draw stuff like that…

We’ve just had a play with Motorola/Symbols MC55. Its billed as a enterprise digital assistant (EDA). It looks good bridging the gap between the MC75 (VGA screen, camera, laser barcode scanner, ruggedized) and MC35 (QVGA, light, non ruggedized). Full specs. here I guess compared to the MC75, their are a few compromises. The build quality looks great. However the camera/barcode integrated ......

Totally off topic.

I just imported an ICS file from this website into Outlook.   Now I have the dates for every F1 race this season.

Credit to


Hi all, I’m talking at Fresh Valencia on the 28-29 April, on Mobile Line Of Business for supply chain. Event details here - http://www.mintel.webbler.c... Tapas anyone ......

Hat tip to Peter Foot, for finding this.

I was just chatting to a friend of mine (Hello John), about sending SMS from an iPhone. We talked about instigating an SMS from a mobile web-page. This is of course possible, with an HTML tag like - <A HREF=”SMS:2323232232”/>TXT ME</A> Note, you can’t put any spaces in the phone number. Also you can’t do <A HREF=”SMS:2323232232?BODY=s... ME</A> which is a bit of a shame. We have been making use of this for some time, on mobile portals. See below : Technorati ......

This looks really nice, Fast simple builder of iPhone web applications. Goodness decisions, decisions. Dashcode, IUI and now this… ......

So I work on a nice campus with a restaurant. The restaurant publishes a weekly menu. To save paper, we’ve put the daily menu on a mobile optimised web-page (i.e its basic) Then we’ve just printed a Microsoft Tag, (see so that people can view the daily menu on their mobile device - To see what’s for lunch today - Technorati Tags: Microsoft Tag ......

Just been made aware of this web site,  for making cash out of your old mobile phones.

Looks really good.

I just came across this great white paper on the future of Mobile Internet Explorer Of course as well as flash lite support and touch and gesture support. We now finally gain support for viewports. Viewports set the initial zoom and display constraints for a mobile web-page. Webkit has supported this for a while, but its nice to see that a mobile optimised website will look good ......