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Google its a essential tool for my life especially for my forgetfull brain.... I have decrease extremealy the use of paper notes as well as my IQ decrease because I no longer need to memorize stuff s.. I just dump everything on my gmail, google docs, videos or pictures....

On a normal day.. when I have to write phone numbers, data that I need to keep forever (except for very personal info.. I dont trust any web server for that), I gmail it to myself and later on I just need to search... just realize that in order to be successfull I need to add a simple and common subject so later on I can retrieve it easily..this currently works for me.. GMAIL is my place for my all my notes... (just if you wonder about the chat thing.. I dont care about that)

Also with Google I can store my pictures which I dont use  because I have been using  flickr yes the only product that I consider cool from YAHOO.. I paid for it and I am happy with it... I would not move unless they move it for me.. a webservice that retrieves all the photos and move them with one click... the cool about google pictures tho is that it interacts with common vendors for printing.. WALMART, COSTCO, CVS etc.. flickr has a limitation for that .. life is not perfect I GUESS... I am addicted to FLICKR tho..

Google Video is also a great app.. most of my videos cannot be stored at YOU TUBE due to size.. but I use Google Video instead.. the drawback is that I cannot point my users to one place to look at all my posted videos, instead I need to send a link  of each video.. this is painfull and my usage has also decrease.. if I need to share I will upload but if no need my videos live on my HD...

Finally the most powerfull of all THE SEARCH... the search makes me look so smart at work, with family, friends anyone.. people ask for things, how to do it, where is that, what is that? and I tell them.. give me a sec... and I google it.. and BAM.. give them the answer...I consider my self an excellent searcher.. .. I enjoying learning about new technologies, learn about world gozzips, learn about tips for taking care an infant, antiques, countries, etc... and I find all my answer with GOOGLE search...

I work for another IT company.. I am somewhere inside.. I should apply to work for google.. I love the product and I can sell it very well jhahahahahaha! GOOGLE CEO would you hire me please???

Well I think I have to get back to work and create my biz process diagrams, talk to my developer and work towards delivering an internal solution.. this is my day to day!!

Posted on Monday, July 2, 2007 3:39 PM My Stuff | Back to top

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