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I am a Female SharePoint Developer (a platinum unicorn). I have been working with SharePoint since I attended the Portal University in 2005. I hold a BA in Computer Science from the University of Missouri - Kansas City. I love playing Rockband, organizing user group meetings, working with code, attending events as a speaker or organizer, and having bizarre conversations about geek things with cool people. If you have any comments or questions fill out the contact form and I will try my best to help.

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If you are one of the 11 people who I have noticed on Feedburner that read my blog I have moved it.  I am now located at and hosting my blog on Geeks with Blogs, rather than SharePoint Blogs.  I didn't decide to move my blog all at once.  It was a gradual decision built on various frustrations.  I know it's not Dustin's fault that the templates were no longer available on SharePoint Blogs.  I am sure it's not his fault that there was an inability to load screen shots.  I love  I want to mirror my new blog on there, so I will probably put in an e-mail request.  I tried e-mailing them last week, but it was very difficult to get through due to Dustin being out of the office.  It sounds like he is a busy bee.  I'm really sorry for moving.  I felt slightly horrible about it, because technically is the reason why I have so many entries on my old blog site at  I read the blog at that site for at least four months before even attempting to sign up for my own blog.  Thank you for helping me get started, but now for some serious customizations.
I bought this url about two weeks ago thinking I could do something with it.  I bought some SharePoint hosting for my family tree project, but I didn't really like the WSS blog.  I was also a little disheartened with the fact that the WSS Site I bought does not allow me to do a lot of customizations.  I am considering dumping that hosting space after having it for only about a week.  I like the Forms Based Authentication, but the base WSS templates are pretty horrid.  Without the ability to install the CKS templates for blogs, then I really don't see myself doing much.  I don't like the fact that they only gave me the Three State Workflow and no other workflows.  I thought that the approval workflow was part of WSS, but I believe that I may be a bit spoiled using MOSS.  I really need to research my alternative solutions a little better.  I own, so maybe I can find another alternative place to post all the old family tree photos and pdf files for my actual family tree. 
Anyway that's a huge rant if you don't really know anything about my family tree or for that matter who I am.  I am betting some of you guys are knew to my crazy off the wall free writing and going off on a tangent wild writing style.  I am Becky Isserman.  For the past two and a half years I have been working with SharePoint from 2003 through 2007.  I started out fresh out of college with a Computer Science Degree working at a consulting firm in St. Louis doing various .Net, Access, and SharePoint Projects.  I am now a SharePoint "Guru" at Terracon Consultants Incorporated in Olathe, KS.  I say "Guru", because I was hired to be more of an administrator and I somehow worked my way through to developer, trainer, administrator, designer, and occassionally I do a little bit of architecting.  I am essentially your SharePoint jack of all trades type of person.  I started out with the blog mentioned above, because I wanted to help out more in the development community.  I noticed a lack of posting on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3 around April of last year, so I decided to post any errors or interesting code pieces that I found.  I have been known as an incredibly antisocial and shy person, so I started posting and joining in user groups a bit more.  I wanted to make sure that I got out of the house more than two times a year.  Somehow I ended up becoming a participant monthly at the KC .Net User Group and (hopefully) helping out with the KC Office Developers Group (which I  hope will soon be known as a far cooler name).   If I don't know you and you just read this entry than it is really nice to meet you.  I look forward to hearing comments from any of you.  I love comments and I try very hard to respond as much as possible.  From what I have read over the past few months on Geeks with Blogs you guys seem to be an incredibly eclectic and cool developing community.  Have a nice night guys... Posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2008 10:56 PM MOSS | Back to top

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Hey Becky - great to have you in our community! Congrats on the new blog, looking forward to all the great stuff you're sure to contribute.
Left by Jerod Crump on Feb 21, 2008 9:35 AM

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Welcome to the community - we're glad to have you over here with us. Looking forward to all the great stuff sure to come!
Left by Jerod Crump on Feb 21, 2008 11:05 AM

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