BizTalk: Interview questions and principles

This is the questions for a BizTalk developer position during a technical interview.
Interview can be very intensive and scheduled for 1-1.5 hour.
The main principle:
quick question - quick answer/demonstration.
The main goal:
range the main skills in all areas of the BizTalk generic development. The BizTalk Server is diverse and big tool set. Different BizTalk projects require different skill sets, one requires the BRE skills, other - BAM, other - a cluster deployment or performance testing, etc. If you hire a developer, you have to know where to use his/her skills effectively.

General questions:
How does contender understand:
* the general architecture of the BizTalk:
= enumerate the main parts of the BizTalk system
= describe the main intentions of the BizTalk
* artifacts, terms (enumerate them):
= quick description
 - application
  - ports, groups, locations
  - pipelines
  - schemas
  - maps
  - orchestrations:
   - shapes
   - transactions:
     - atomic
     - long-running
     - compensation
     - exceptions
     - persistent points
  - assemblies
  - helper .NET classes
  - data bases, servers
  - hosts, instances
  - adapters, handlers
  - subscribers, publishers
  - parties
  - EDI, AS2 system
  - rules, vocabularies, policies
= What contender likes/doesn't like in this artifact/tool. (Don't laugh, it is a silly and VERY tough question.)
* What's going on inside BizTalk? 
* How do you study BizTalk? What are the main sources of the information?
Development of the BizTalk applications:
= Describe creating a full-featured BizTalk application.
= Create an artifact, show what is the most interesting thing inside the artifact and/or inside the tool.
= What does contender like/doesn't like in this artifact/tool?
* Schema editor
 - Flat-file Wizard
* Mapper
 - Xslt
* Orchestration Editor
* Business Rule Composer
* Tracking Profile Editor
* ESB Toolkit, Itinerary Editor
Debugging the BizTalk Application:
   = Describe debugging the full-featured BizTalk application.
* Enumerate tools:
 * VS
 * DebugView
 * HAT, BTS Adm.Console
 * NUnit, SoapUI, BizUnit, LoadGen, test facilities in VS
* Debugging artifacts:
  - application
  - ports
  - pipelines
  - schemas
  - maps
  - orchestrations
  - .NET classes
  - Web-services
  - BR policy
Deploying the BizTalk application:
   = Describe deploying the full-featured BizTalk application.
* MSBuild
* BTSTask, BTSDeploy
* WMI scripts
* Wizards
* BizTalk Deployment Framework (BTDF)
Monitoring the BizTalk application:
2004, 2006 BTS: HAT, BizTalk Adm.Console, PerfMon
2006 R2, >2013 BTS: BizTalk Adm.Console, PerfMon
   = Describe creating the tracking profiles, activities, views.

 Programming skills:

* "bear route" problem or similar logical problem :)
* bubble sort algorithm
* test-driven programming
* .NET languages
* script languages, utils
* SQL: database normalization, programming
Architecture skills:
* Architect a standard applications:
  = workflow with several messages
     - a correlation
     - convoys: parallel; sequential unified; sequential non unified
  = instance vs. active subscriptions
  = FIFO, ordered delivery
  = BizTalk to/from SQL app:
   - send data to SQL
   - receive data from SQL
   - query SQL data
   - where to validate data?
  = maps and ports
  = BizTalk to/from WS/HTTP apps
    - SOAP, WCF ports, artifacts, wizards
* error handling in the BizTalk applications
* ESB and BizTal
= What additional tools has contender used for the BizTalk/integration application  and dig up those areas.

There is a good article by Richard Seroter [BizTalk] Interview Advice (

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left by o_rly at 7/4/2007 8:46 AM Gravatar
You call that torture? I don't see any BAS on here...

# re: BizTalk interview

left by Leonid Ganeline at 7/4/2007 8:57 AM Gravatar
I call this "torture" because it is not the "choose one from 3" exam but one of the "try to describe the term". It is really exhausting.
Never used BAS :((


Leonid Ganeline

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left by Ahmed Farrag at 7/5/2007 5:19 AM Gravatar
this is a really comprehensive framework for an interview ...

nice work putting it together like this ..
i guess i'll be using it in my next interview .

cheers :)


Ahmed Farrag
MVP Biztalk Server

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left by Rajesh Charagandla at 8/20/2007 9:42 PM Gravatar

Thanks for updating the questions you faced in the interview.

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