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Everybody has a slightly different learning style that works best for them - often with different forms of content working best at various stages in their learning.  I've always been an avid reader and tend to "index" most everything that I read for reference later when it becomes important.  That being said, the first thing I do when getting ready to learn a new tool or technology is almost invariably to look for something (or many somethings) that has been written on the topic.  That's followed closely by getting my hands on the tool and video/audio presentations tend to follow way behind.  Over the years I have spent a lot of money on books, so I am always excited to learn about new sources of reasonably priced or free books that actually offer valuable learning.

Recently my attention was brought to the Succinctly series from Syncfusion.  This series, available at, is a free collection of eBooks that give a brief coverage of the some of the most important aspects when getting up to speed on a new tool or technology.  The books are mostly around 100 pages each and are intended to get straight to the point.

Last week I read my first Succinctly series book, Knockout.js Succinctly.  I found the book to be pleasantly well done and finished reading it feeling well armed to jump right in and start doing some MVVM development in HTML/JS (I'm an admitted XAML snob when it comes to MVVM development).

Having recently purchased my first Mac, I think the next stop for me in the Succinctly series will be Objective-C Succinctly.

If you find yourself learning best from reading like I do (or even if you just like to read sometimes), I highly recommend that you give the Succinctly series a read.
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