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I recently got the new MacBook Pro, and I am smitten. The form factor of the MacBook Air was what initially caught my attention after spending the last 16 years Mac-free. After seriously looking at the Macintosh line up I found several justifications for why I simply could not and should not spend another day without one. (The final tipping point was 18 months no interest from Best Buy - and this was after the credit crunch! I rationalized that by the time I had to actually pay for the thing I would have added at least that much value to my skill set.)

This is actually my first blog post from the MBP (as I fondly call it) using ecto.

After opening the (very cool) box and oohing and ahhhing over the ambient-light driven screen and keyboard lighting (you haven't lived until you've turned the lights off and on in a room with a MBP) I set about the task of becoming familiar with a very foreign environment.

I downloaded the following in very short order:

QuickSilver, Adium, Jing, Skype, Dropbox, TextMate, and VMWare Fusion.

Within days I had accomplished the "Windows on a Mac" experience. I did it the simple way for my first foray in the bi-platform lifestyle. I started with a Windows XP VPC created on my Dell. I will blog about the details later since that is not really the topic of this post.

My next project was XCode - the Mac development environment. To my great surprise and delight, Apple has relaxed the whole iPhone Development rigamarole ridiculousness and the entire process was easy (so far). I simply had to "Register" as an Apple Developer, and immediately in my inbox appeared an email with a link to validate my registration. I was then able to download the latest iPhone sdk with the iPhone emulator. The Apple Dev site contains tons of resources and before the day's end I had a small app up and running in the iPhone emulator.

With only 20 hours on it, the MBP had become my main laptop and I use it everywhere now - even for work at times. (Don't tell my boss... I think that may be a fireable offense!)

With that, I will end my first post from the MBP. (Actually, this is not the first post... I posted from livewriter running inside my Windows XP VM on my my MBP).

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Welcome to the darkside ;) err...I mean the light side. I just got a MBP a few months ago and run windows in a VM for development work. I love it as well. I've not tried too many MAC programs, I'll have to look into the ones you mentioned...I've heard about QuickSilver but have not tried it yet. Enjoy!
Left by Ed McPadden on Nov 25, 2008 7:16 PM

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I've been telling you for years; glad you finally listened:)
Left by Barb on Dec 25, 2008 9:15 AM

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