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This is one of common questions that I get during my presentations/conferences. We see MS with OS, Office line of products, Server/middleware products, designer products, games, etc. In addition to that, MS is also competing with enterprise like Google and Oracle on multiple avenues.


At high level, it looks amazing to me. Anyone would agree that having developed and delivered these kind-of stack of products is itself an achievement. And delivering world class products and competing with market leaders is itself a challenge.


Coming back to the question – Is Microsoft really focused? My answer for most products would be yes. MS started and were focused with their operating system and OS related applications. But once you have successfully delivered, what’s next! They started with products that helped Microsoft users to be independent. We see MS office stack and applications that helps IT guys to create and manage their network. To enable Microsoft users to be able to use MS products and technologies, MS had to come up with some effective development tools, languages, environment for MS users to develop their own products that run on MS platform. MS helps its partners/users to develop MS based applications and MS gains customers as application users! Both parties get benefited with this approach.


Talking specifically about SQLServer – I think this is one of great decisions and investment. RDBMS is need of application development. Can you imagine an enterprise application without database! When you are developing MS based application, many times development life is easy if you have tighter integration with RDBMS. Both dev environment and RDBMS from same vendor makes this possible. At this same time, MS itself needed some kind of RDBMS for its own need of data persistence. One example could be BizTalk Server, which is very tightly integrated with SQL Server and use it for data persistence.


I am not sure what the aim of getting into gaming zone is and how virtual reality and AI is helping MS.


As a whole, Microsoft is excellent example of how an enterprise can/should evolve, grow and remain as market leader.

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