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January 2014 Entries

Sharepoint 2013 - Sorry, only tenant administrators can add or give access to this app

If you get an error "Sorry, only tenant administrators can add or give access to this app" while adding your app to your site collection, you can add yourself as a local admin on the box not through some group rather user id under the administrator. This is a temporary fix suggested by MS. Hope something will come up or has already come up.Mine is an Aug CU.

Reporting Service Sharepoint Integrated mode on SP2013

For many reason we reconfigure the SharePoint Development or PoC farm. I had SSRS configure on my Single server farm initially. Due to some issues i had to recreate the farm by running the SP configuration wizard. 

After new installation i was trying to setup SSRS on SharePoint 2013. I was not getting the new service application creation option though the Reporting Service and the reporting service add-in was already installed.

After some heart burns i got to find that my SSRS service was in disabled state. In these scenarios you dont have to re-install, rather run the below ps script.

$si = Get-SPServiceInstance -all | where {$_.TypeName -like "SQL Server Reporting*"}
$si.status <-shows you the status, if it's disabled run: