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Iron Speed Version 7.0 Generates SharePoint Applications
New! Support for Microsoft SharePoint speeds application generation and deployment
San Jose, CA – June 8, 2010. Software development tools-maker Iron Speed, Inc. released Iron Speed Designer Version 7.0, the latest version of its popular Web 2.0 application generator. Iron Speed Designer generates rich, interactive database and reporting applications for .NET, Microsoft SharePoint and the Cloud. 
In addition to .NET applications, Iron Speed Designer V7.0 generates database-driven SharePoint applications. The ability to quickly create database-driven applications for SharePoint eliminates a lot of work, helping IT departments generate productivity-enhancing applications in just a few hours.  Generated applications include integrated SharePoint application security and use SharePoint master pages. 
“It’s virtually impossible to build database-driven application in SharePoint by hand. Iron Speed Designer V7.0 not only makes this possible, the tool makes it easy.” – Razi Mohiuddin, President, Iron Speed, Inc.
Integrated SharePoint application security
Generated applications include integrated SharePoint application security. SharePoint sites and their groups are used to retrieve security roles. Iron Speed Designer validates the user against a Microsoft SharePoint server on your network by retrieving the logged in user’s credentials from the SharePoint Context. 
“The Iron Speed Designer generated application integrates seamlessly with SharePoint security, removing the hassle of designing, testing and approving your own security layer.” -Michael Landi, Solutions Architect, Light Speed Solutions
SharePoint Solution Packages
Iron Speed Designer V7.0 creates SharePoint Solution Packages (WSPs) for easy application deployment. Using the Deployment Wizard, a single application WSP is created and can be deployed to your SharePoint server.
“Iron Speed Designer is the first product on the market that allows easy and painless deployment of database-driven .NET web applications inside the SharePoint environment.” -Bryan Patrick, Developer, Pseudo Consulting
SharePoint master pages and themes
In V7.0, generated applications use SharePoint master pages and contain the same content as other SharePoint pages. Generated applications use the current SharePoint color scheme and display standard SharePoint navigation controls on each page.
“Iron Speed Designer preserves the look and feel of the SharePoint environment in deployed database applications without additional hand-coding.” -Kirill Dmitriev, Software Developer, Iron Speed, Inc.
Iron Speed Designer Version 7.0 System Requirements
Iron Speed Designer Version 7.0 runs on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 and 2008. It generates .NET Web applications for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access and MySQL. These applications may be deployed on any machine running the .NET Framework. Iron Speed Designer supports Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS3). Find complete information about Iron Speed Designer Version 7.0 at
About Iron Speed, Inc.
Iron Speed is the leader in enterprise-class application generation. Our software development tools generate database and reporting applications in significantly less time and cost than hand-coding. Our flagship product, Iron Speed Designer, is the fastest way to deliver applications for the Microsoft .NET and software-as-a-service cloud computing environments.
With products built on decades of experience in enterprise application development and large-scale e-commerce systems, Iron Speed products eliminate the need for developers to choose between "full featured" and "on schedule."
Founded in 1999, Iron Speed is well funded with a capital base of over $20M and strategic investors that include Arrow Electronics and Avnet, as well as executives from AMD, Excelan, Onsale, and Oracle. The company is based in San Jose, Calif., and is located online at
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