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I went this week to the VSNET 2005 ASCEND event at Microsoft Campus in Redmond, WA, after attending the introductory presentations I decided to go to the Tools & Integration track, this track was about the new Visual Studio Team System Beta 2 and I was greatly impressed for its unique features.
These are the highlights :
- This is a fully integrated suite of productivity tools to enforce the best practices of software development, it is integrated with Visual Basic .NET and also with Office 2003, MS Project and SharePoint
- It is very friendly and ease to use and it has different views for project managers, architects, developers and testers
- It covers Activity Management, Change Management and Source Control, and also Project Management, Report & Publish Management, Test Management and Build Management.
- The Project Manager can have his .mpp files (Gantt) synchronized with the activities and easily create activity reports and diagrams with a wizard and publish them in the project portal (SharePoint).
- The Users can have Excel sheets synchronized with the activities as input and output
- The Configuration Managers can easily do deployment scripts with a wizard to build new releases and run tests and validations with the Build Server.
- Source Control is not anymore with Visual Source Safe, it is easy to use, code merging is powerful and we can undo checkins and have also "shelves" of code.
- Class diagrams are always synchronized with the code, because they are not different data, they are a view of the code.
- Architects can define the servers architecture diagram with the corresponding security constraints, the application architecture diagram, the validation rules for the programming standards, the performance rules, the code templates, etc and the tools will enforce this automatically, so code reviews to check quality and standards are not needed.
- Developers and Testers have the Unit Testing tool integrated and also Web tests, Manual tests, Load tests, etc all of them integrated with Visual Studio with report generation.
- It is independent of the software process, this could be MSF, RUP, etc or it can be fully customized.
- All the documentation corresponding to the software process with predefined templates is centralized in the project portal, this portal is automatically generated.
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