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I just read the MSDN article on the Visual Round Trip Analyzer.  This tool is awesome for finding bottlenecks in your web applications.  It also allows you to see where your expensive download points are.  With this tool I discovered that if I put a parameter after my large javascripts, such as JQuery, I can set the content expiration in the headers for 1 year.  Then any time I need to change the javascript file (also works with images, css, etc...) the browser will then treat the file as new and redownload it.  This keeps the file from being downloaded every 30 days.  It also keeps the messy cache traps from popping up, you know the ones.  These are the issues where no matter what you do the browser seems to get the files from cache instead of redownloading them.  I changes my jquery.js links to jquery.js?date=11112008.  Then when I need to change the js I just change the date to that release date and presto, I get the new file.  Check out VRTA, and let me know what you think.

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