The Simple Little Text Editor can be downloaded from: 
I recently decided that it was time to write my own Text Editor. I wrote this for my own needs, but am making it available to you.
My requirements are simple:
1.       Be able to view text files with any file extension.
2.    Be able to edit text files
2.       Need to support multiple CPU families and multiple OS versions – so this targets the .NET CompactFramework version 2.

What I came up with looks like this:

I provide this Simple Little Text Editor to you free of charge and without a license and without a warrantee. You may use it as you see fit, I just ask that you do not provide it to others for download, instead refer them to this page.
This is version 1.x, there will never be a version 2.x because I consider this to be feature complete for a free software download. But if you report bugs using the feedback below, I will work on fixing them. I am not providing the source code like I sometimes do, but if you are interested in obtaining the source code to use to add features I can be talked into that, but not for free.
 The Simple Little Text Editor can be downloaded from: 
V1.0 - August 19, 2013
First Release
Copyright © 2013 – Bruce Eitman
All Rights Reserved