I monitor some Windows Compact (the new name for Windows CE) Forums for a few reasons:
  • I learn a lot from others working on Windows CE, so many of you are running into the same issues that I run into.  Sometimes you run into them before I do, other times I have already run into the issue.
  • I learn a lot from answering questions.  You might be surprised to find that sometimes I don't already know the answer, so I do some investigation to get the answer.  Sometimes I am wrong, or there is a better way, with my answer, and there is always someone to point that out.
  • I get satisfaction from helping others by answering their questions
I monitor the following Forums:
  1. Windows Embedded Compact Managed Application Development which discusses C# and VB .NET managed application development
  2. Windows Embedded Compact Native Application Development is a forum for discussing C/C++ application development
  3. Windows Embedded Compact Platform Development a forum for discussing issues related to use of Platform Builder for Windows Compact OS development


I use Internet Explorer to monitor and answer questions. Windows Embedded Compact Category is a page which lists all three of the Windows Compact forums.

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