Yesterday at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Boston, Kevin Dallas the General Manager of Windows Embedded at Microsoft announced that there will be a Windows CE 6.0 R3 release available within a month. The engineers tell me that the work is complete, now it is just a matter of getting it ready for us to download.
The goal of the R3 release seems to be centered on usability. The new features are:
  • Silverlight – or actually a subset with variation. This is not Silverlight for the browser, but instead a XAML engine to support better user interface development for embedded devices.
  • A new Internet Explorer based on Silverlight. This should make using a browser with a small display easier. It supports gestures to move the WEB page around by dragging it.
  • New touch support for gestures – handy but we will need to change the way that we develop apps to use it, but that is why we now have Silverlight support for app development.
  • A new Connection Manger to make connecting to the outside world easier. This comes to us from the Windows Mobile team, so if you are familiar with the Connection Manager in Windows Mobile this will be the same experience.
  • QQ Messenger supporting Instant Messenger services
  • Flash light – a browser plug in to support media intensive WEB sites
  • Tools for viewing Microsoft Office documents
I am actually more excited about this release than I have been in a long time. While I don’t develop GUI applications, my customer do and the addition of Silverlight support will raise the bar for application development. This will allow our app developers almost unlimited potential for making really exciting and more usable apps. The development cycle will change some, but in good ways.
When I hear that the download is available, I will let you know.
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