One of the engineers working with me was adding an SD driver to a platform today. After adding the driver to the BSP and testing it, he found that the driver wouldn’t load because one of the dlls that it was dependent on was missing from the OS. After using dumpbin to determine which dll was missing, we found that SDBUS.dll was the missing dll.
To be honest, we knew what we needed to add but wanted to make sure and see if anything else was needed. We started by right clicking on the Catalog to search for sdbus, but that didn’t yield any results. So we reverse engineered it to figure out which Catalog component was needed.
This is what we did:
1.       Check common.bib for SDBUS.dll, which told us that we sdbus.dll is included in the OS if either CE_MODULES_SDBUS or CE_MODULES_SDBUS2 is defined, as well as the platform variable IMGSDBUS2.

It isn’t always that easy, you may need to check other bib files in the Public folders before you find the file that you need added to the OS.

2.       Search the batch files in Public\CEBASE\OAK\Misc for SDBUS, which must be added to CE_MODULES in one of these batch files. These batch files are run when cesysgen.bat runs to process the SYSGEN variables and set the system up for building. Note that if you are building an OS version earlier than 5.0, you should search the cesysgen.bat file in your project.
3.       SDBUS was set in WinceOS.bat which is the batch file associated with the Public\Common. There we found that there are several ways that SDBUS is added to CE_MODULES. The way that most fit our need was by settings SYSGEN_SDHC_STANDARD.
4.       Search the Catalog for SYSGEN_SDHC_STANDARD, which finds nothing.
5.       Search the Catalog for SDHC, which didn’t find how SYSGEN_SDHC_STANDARD was set.
6.       Search the Catalog for STANDARD, which finally found that by adding Device Drivers\SDIO\SDIO Host\ SDIO Standard Host Controller will add SDBUS.dll to our OS.
The articles listed in Summary of Platform Builder Catalog Posts to be of help.
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