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September 2014 Entries

Microsoft.WITDataStore.dll not found: NuGet NuSpec References
I ported my TFS API code to use the V12 (2013) assemblies. I then built and created a NuGet package of the TFS API Lib and installed it in an application. Immediately that application build failed because the Microsoft.WITDataStore.dll assmebly was missing from my TFS API NuGet package. I found that by default, when the reference tag is not used at all, NuGet adds all files included in the lib folder as references. I needed the Microsoft.WITDataStore.dll in the package lib folder, but not added as ......

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TFS Git Delete Remote Branch from Server

You can delete a published branch from Visual Studio, but to remove it from the server use the this git statement from the command prompt of the local repo:

C:\_s\Git\myRepo>git push origin --delete myBranch

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Team Explorer Everywhere Command Line Client on a Mac
I was surprised at the dearth of information on this. Here’s the whole enchilada. I did not have to enter user or password information for the TF commands. This could be because my Mac account and password is identical to the Windows AD account and password. Use TF help to get a full listing of commands and TF Help [command] for details on each command. Download TEE-CLC on your Mac and unzip/move the TEE-CLC-x.x.x folder under your Applications folder. Open the Terminal command line on you Mac (search ......

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