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August 2010 Entries

Visual Studio 2010 – Project Reference Oddness and Revelation
This post is an op-ed on how VS handles references. Over the past few years not only have I experienced frustration on this, but I find that many others have similar views. Just recently I took a significant amount of time to study the issue: reading the MSDN documentation and various blog postings on the subject. My overall impression is: The MSDN documentation does not address or even mention the operative assumptions and requirements that Microsoft used resulting in the current VS features around ......

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Team Build 2010 Custom Activity for Assembly Version Stamping
This approach is for those who have the following requirements: Use a Primary.Secondary.Maintenan... (P.S.M.B) version number format Want the build name to include the version number Want the assemblies "stamped" with version number Don't want to checkin the increments to AssemblyInfo.cs files for every build Don't want to modify the .csproj file for their projects To illustrate: Our build definition name format is: [product abbreviation]-[p].[s]{.[m]}... The type indicates a Dev, Test, ......

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TFS 2010 SDK Assembly Reference Locations for Team Build Process Template Development
I pulled these from Ewald Hoffman's Customize Team Build 2010 - Part 4 post and posted here for easy reference. Note: you will also have to add a project reference for the code files project in your solution. See Ewald's posting for how to do all this. Assembly Location Microsoft.TeamFoundation.dll Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Bu... Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Ve... Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Ve... Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Wo... c:\Program ......

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