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July 2011 Entries

Today we are glad to announce HERMES, an Open Source Infrastructure for publish subscribe messaging model based on MongoDB and RESTful Services. This is 8th release of an open source project from TellagoDevLabs on Codeplex. Hermes is months of hard work by us, including Silvio Massari, Jose Romaniello and Gustavo Machado. Hermes is not BizTalk Server. BizTalk Server has pub-sub mechanism in its infrastructure but in very traditional way and it hasn’t provided a foundation that can be seamlessly used ......

Hi there, Recently we had a requirement to integrate a RESTful Service with BizTalk Server. Well no biggie. You can use WCF – Custom Adapter and use webHTTP binding and add a webHttp Endpoint behavior. Wala. Easy to say, little bit tricky to do. That all is fine, but what if you want to have a polling receive location which needs to go and do an HTTP GET to a RESTful Service. Aahh!! That’s even more trickier. Bunch of you reading this post would have already thought about some or other way of doing ......

Tellago Studios proudly announces its newest product, a third one within a year of time : TELESHARP .NET Configuration Management has always been a nightmare for any enterprise. TeleSharp is an innovative product that addresses the most common challenges of .NET applications in the enterprise. After years of struggle developing and managing large .NET applications, we decided to create a tool that makes .NET applications truly agile. You can read more about Telesharp and what difference it can make ......