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Honestly speaking i was never a fan of TDD till few months back, but the more i read on this topic the more i am facsinated about it. Not untill I read Agile Principles, Patterns and Practices by Robert C Martin, where he talks about the relevance of unit test to validate both design and code smell.

Okies let me brief out some of the new cool features of

Things i liked of xUnit.Net compared to NUnit

  • Single Object Instance per Test Method.
  • No [SetUp] or [TearDown] - replaced by constructor
  • No [ExpectedException] - appropriate exceptions at relevant line of code
  • Aspect-Like Functionality.
  • Reduced the Number of Custom Attributes.  i am fan of AOP

Most liked

  • Use of Generics.
  • Anonymous Delegates.

for further reading refer codeplex

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