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Few months back I was trying to integrate web client software factory and web service software factory. I had not much clue on how to do and how its gonna work. I had a chat with few of my friends in Microsoft and other MS Gold partner companies to work out a solution for integration. And guess what the very first reaction from them was why the hell are you trying to use both the factoriesL, I just said thanks and continued digging for solution




Added reference to the service in the web application and noticed it didn’t generate proxies correctly and no entries for WCF end points in the web.config file


The problem now is I can’t continue to dev the client since the WCF proxy generated was crap and its not gonna work coz of missing config entries.




Added reference to the Module (WCSF) and found a clean generated WCF proxy and  appropriate end point entries in the App.Config file


Manually copied the config entries to the web.config file and it all worked fine.


ASP.NET 2.0 still doesn’t have a provision for SERVICE REFERENCE like any other .Net project template, I still don’t know why they haven’t provided one yet or is there any concrete reason behind this?


Note : whenever you modify the service, don’t update reference in the ASP.Net since it will re-write the wrong config entries once again
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