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When one of our users attempted to synchronize a Windows Mobile 6.1 device in our Exchange 2003 SP2 environment, the user would get the following error message on their mobile device.

ActiveSync encountered a problem on the server.

Support code: 0x85010014

Last synchronized:

Last attempt:
Today: 9:16 AM

In a nutshell, we use ISA Servers and Exchange 2003 Front-End servers in our Exchange ActiveSync environment.  So, when the user would synchronize their device, the user would get the above error message on their device and we would see the following Server ActiveSync 3005 Error event in the Application Event log on the Front-End server.

Source: Server ActiveSync
Type: Error
Event ID: 3005
Description: Unexpected Exchange mailbox Server error: Server: ExchangeMBXServerName User: HTTP status code: [500].  Verify that the Exchange mailbox Server is working correctly.

There is a lot of information out there how to troubleshoot 0x85010014, 3005 Event, or HTTP 500 errors.  Since we already had other users that were able to synchronize their mobile devices using EAS without any problems, we were able to eliminate many of the recommended solutions for fixing 0x85010014, 3005, or HTTP 500 errors as they did not apply to our environment.

While we were troubleshooting the problem, we saw a 9667 Error event in the Application Event log on the Exchange 2003 Mailbox Server where the user’s mailbox was located.  When the user attempted to synchronize their mobile device, the Server ActiveSync 3005 Error event on the Front-End server would correspond with a following 9667 Error event on the Back-End server.

Source: MSExchangeIS
Type: Error
Event ID: 9667
Description: Failed to create a new named property for database “SG1\MailboxStore1” because the number of named properties reached the quota limit (8192).
User attempting to create the name property: “SYSTEM”
Named Property name/id: “AirSyncCustom: wipeinitiated”

Typically, you will see 9667 Error events on mailbox servers in an Exchange 2003 SP2 environment that has matured over time.  One of the workarounds to resolve a 9667 event is to move a mailbox to a different mailbox store that does not have any reported 9667 Error events.

With that in mind, we moved the user’s mailbox to a mailbox store with no reported 9667 Error events.  After the mailbox was moved, the user was able to successfully synchronize their mobile device without any problems.

For more information about 9667 Error events and how they can cause other problems, check out

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Zow... I just spent 6 hours troubleshooting the same issue. Wish I'd seen your article sooner. I'm not sure that there's anything good that we can bait Gooogle with to bring people to this article. (I actually saw a posting from an MSFT employee who said that named property quota exhaustion wouldn't affect ActiveSync at all... his words were "In a word. No." Obviously, that's not the case...)
Left by Evan Anderson on Nov 15, 2009 11:40 PM

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