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Hey all.  Just wanted to let you know that the interview that I did with Javier Lozano ( is now available on DotNetRadio!  This was a pretty hefty interview so I had to cut it in half.  In the first half of the interview we discussed the following points.

  • How and why was ASP.NET MVC created?
  • What are the pain points of ASP.NET Webforms?
  • What can a WebForms developer expect when moving to ASP.NET MVC?
  • MVC is like BizTalk – it can do anything – it just can’t do anything out of the box!
  • What did ASP.NET MVC get right…what did it get wrong?
  • What are the differences between WebForms and MVC with regards to saving state and workflow?
  • What sort of validation is provided with MVC 1 or MVC2?
  • What is a strongly typed view and how does that work?
  • Creating strongly typed views and why that is important
  • What is the difference between a Model and a ViewModel and why would a developer want to use that?
  • What does the term “magic string” mean and why is that bad?
  • How do magic strings relate to MVC 1, MVC 2, and what tools are provided by MVC Contrib to help remove magic strings from an MVC application?
  • What are MVC Contrib Input Builders and how do those work?
  • How would you use templating in ASP.NET MVC?
  • How does Dynamic Data work in ASP.NET MVC?
  • How do you create inject-able controllers via an MVC Contrib Controller Factory?
  • Using inversion of control containers in the MVC framework
  • What is painful about the WebForms view engine used in ASP.NET MVC?
  • Why are there so many view engines available for MVC?
  • How does nVelocity make working in the View easier?
  • Why are code behind files the ultimate evil?
  • How is the workflow different in the WebForms view engine compared to other MVC view engines such as SPARK or nVelocity?

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    Please feel free to let me know if you have any feedback.  In the next post I will put up the second half of Javier Lozano’s.  And after that I will post the Sara Chipps interview!

    Upcoming interviews will include include Jeffrey Palermo, Ayende Rahien, Gil Zilberfeld, Bill Pringle, Patrick Smacchia, Scott Belware, and many more!  Stay tuned.

    Follow me on Twitter at @asiemer and follow the show at @dnetradio.

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