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I felt that a pointer to this article is worth while.  I have spent a fair bit of time trying to determine what my preference was between MVP and MVC.  I tend to lean more towards the MVP side and this article mentions directly why I like it so much more.  MVC tears out the state awareness that the standard ASP.NET web forms come with.  I spent so many years in ASP classic wiring up form and query string variables and attempting to keep track of who a user was and what they were up too.  Once ASP.NET was launched all that work mostly went away.  I would rather keep the state awareness simple and do some plumbing to achieve MVP which allows me to do TDD than go back to an environment that forces me to provide plumbing for one task (state) just to remove plumbing for another (decoupled presentation layer).  In my mind as long as you are achieving TDD and a fairly decoupled front end you are headed in the right direction.

I like this last statement from the referenced post above:

"So my ultimate understanding of the difference is that it is based on how intimate the View and Presenter/Controller are. In MVP, they are cosy and familiar, like cousins. In MVC, they are cold and distant, like lawyers."

That sums it up for me!

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